“Told you, it will become hip” – Monochrome. Visual brand strategy for Treatwell.

Type of the project
  • Concept
  • Art direction
  • Campaign assets production
  • Lots and lots more


Before. The challenge.

  • Problems with the legibility of the text.
  • Insufficient negative space for messaging on campaign photography.
  • Too many distracting details. The focus should be on beauty – skin and hair.
  • Lack of consistency across the photographs and produced assets.
  • Mixing too many colors created an unprofessional and busy look.

Proposed changes.

  • Using flat backgrounds, clothing and props in the same color allowed for a consistent, identifiable brand experience across various touchpoints while improving the legibility of the messaging.
  • Details reduced to the minimum. Focus on the skin and hair as their shade contrasts with the background.
  • Reducing the color palette allows the color to shout loud.
  • Consistent, cohesive brand experience.

After. The solution.

Photoshoot styling.
Examples of use

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“Told you, it will become hip” – Monochrome. Visual brand strategy for Treatwell.

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